I can not believe I made the big ball for several weeks (maybe months!) . Capture my screen, I do it almost every day , including feed items from my blogs. Since the launch of Chrome OS , I do not deny that I galley not bad for such catches , since until now , we had to capture the entire screen , then upload the Picasa screen to resize the photo . In short, a large galley which sometimes leads me not to post pictures , then go pump or photos of my colleagues .

It is that you can quite capture a screen only , as announced on the penultimate update stable version (ie version 14 maybe ? ) . I had never tried , and suddenly, never used .

But in fact , yes, it is quite possible. Simply make [Ctrl ] + [Shift ] + chromeos_page_screenshot

Of course, if you want to capture the entire page, you do the same but without the [Shift] . When I think I mess for several months and I was forced to go through third-party extensions , what ball I do!