How to screenshot on moto x

Moto X should not soon be announced by the manufacturer , and therefore Motorola. If the last noise corridor dated are true , then the official announcement could take place before school starts , so somewhere over the coming weeks . Meanwhile , we obviously have a right to our daily lot of rumors and this new burst should appeal to some of you . Because , as Android Central managed to get hold of several screenshots of the interface of Moto X , catch that allow us to better understand how it works and discover , in addition , some of its features .

As you probably already know , the Moto X operate under a “pure” version of Android, much like the Google Nexus . However, to stand out from the competition , Motorola has made ​​some changes in the operation of the platform. The firm has added several features related to voice recognition or even multitouch gestures. Features that reflected exactly on the famous catch.



screenshot-moto-x-1The “Camera” application of Moto X, with new gestures to access the settings and gallery.

The “Camera” application, since it is That It is Mainly Highlighted thesis on images to bear many more gestures . By performing a side scan from left to right , the user can bring up a wheel That Will allow him access to the configuration tool . Instead , he Makes a side scan from right to left , Then this is the gallery opens . This is not all as to Quickly launch the application, it Will not be Necessary to unlock the device. No , Because it really enough to Quickly shake it twice to do the same thing Exactly . At the shooting Itself , be aware That simply press once on the screen to take a picture . If you want to enjoy the burst mode, simply leave your finger for a Few seconds . The zoom, in turn , is accessed by performing a side -scan from top to bottom or from bottom to top . As you can see , Motorola Has Made things quite well .

History refresh your memory – at the moment it is significant to refresh – you can aussi Remember That the Moto X shoulds enjoy a 4.5 inch screen with a resolution of 720p type a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at MSM8960T 1.7 Ghz , 2GB RAM All which has sensor and shoulds be around 10 megapixels . History of grand finale , I Suggest you find a small video presentation WAS filmed by the Canadian operator Roger , a video That Will give you a quick overview of all the features of Moto X.